Posted 3 days ago

OC DOODLE BATCH. Because I like to doodle and I needed to draw my OCs again.

Genderbent version of my OC Archie, and then Norris and Smet with their significant others Leaves and Eros, who belong to fuchsimeon

Posted 1 week ago

This is taking longer than expected, so I~m juts gonna put a WIP up for now ^0^

Posted 2 weeks ago

Drew this a while ago, when my room and desk were rather empty, and I had enough space to actually draw something with ink.

Found an old picture with my OCs in (Vocaloid) Matryoshka style and redrew it. Made a lot of fun, surprisingly. :>

Posted 2 weeks ago

Week 3 with my laptop broken. I miss my drawing programs. I miss drawing. Tried drawing something with my oldschool MS Paint and my mouse in despair. 

I now know, that it is impossible for me to draw water, and that I still miss my drawing programs alot. Great.

Anyway. Have a hydrophobic Archie, and dr-vogelkasper s OCs Maori and Storno who try to make his life worse, as usual.

Posted 3 weeks ago

You’ll never guess what i’ve been watching nonstop the past few days

Posted 3 weeks ago

Leon floating through space with Fragments. :I

Posted 4 weeks ago

Laptop is still broken which means no graphic tablet and SAI for me.
Figured I could try out traditional media again. I miss drawing with copics. If only they werent so darned expensive.

Posted 1 month ago

Idk I just love melancholic looking characters

Posted 1 month ago

I suddenly felt like doodling my favorite tiny Keronians ´w`

Posted 1 month ago

Finished playing DMMD and kinda wanted to draw some of the characters but my motivation didn’t really reach far, and so that’s all that happened. For now.